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Mexican Hat Flower Meadow

10 Natives of the Southwest USA for Pest Control

Written By Lara Wadsworth The Southwestern United States is a region incredibly unique to the rest of the country. The hot, dry weather can be challenging for plants and animals to thrive without additional help. That is why gardening with...

Earth from space

Spring Into Action - Celebrating Earth Day

Written By Chelsea Hafer Spring is quickly arriving, and that means that Earth Day is near! Earth Day is the perfect occasion to appreciate our wonderful planet and all that it does for us and think of ways you can...

nigella flower with raindrops

Everything You Need To Know About Rain Gardens

Written By Lara Wadsworth Rain gardens are quickly gaining popularity for their perfect marriage of utility and beauty. What simply looks like a beautifully landscaped garden is actually a native habitat that serves as a storm drain and water sponge....

yarrow meadow

Northeastern Natives for Attracting Beneficial Insects

Written By Lara Wadsworth The Northeastern United States is rich with American history, but did you also know that it is rich in plant biodiversity? Nature has learned through time how to work in harmony with the various species that...

A person holding a nursery plant

Navigating Transplant Shock

Gardening enthusiasts, both seasoned and novice, often encounter the phenomenon known as transplant shock—a condition that can leave plants stressed, wilted, and struggling to adapt to their new environment. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of transplant shock,...

Mt. Rainier

Native Plants for Pest Control in the Pacific Northwest

Written By Lara Wadsworth Conventional gardening with rows of vegetables and neatly sectioned cut flower gardens is a thing of the past. We have learned that gardening with nature is better than attempting to control it. Even if you want...

gourmet microgreen place setting Easter theme

Serving Gourmet Microgreens - Special Event Place Settings

Microgreens are more than a garnish. They can also be part of the central decorations of any great event. Simply plant a few seeds into your container of choice, watch them grow, and serve. Individual portions can be harvested fresh...

1,000,000 orders award to True Leaf Market from Shopify

Celebrating 1,000,000 Orders

Thank you for your continued support and trust. In the image above, you can see that True Leaf Market has received the Shopify milestone award for 1,000,000 orders. We are proud to have reached this achievement as we strive to...

Easter Lily with a wood background

History and Symbolism of the Easter Lily

The Easter lily is most popularly associated with the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it is also related to many other cultural and religious beliefs and customs. For example, pagans connect the Easter lily with motherhood...

corn in the midwest

10 Native Plants to Attract Beneficial Insects in the Midwest

Written By Lara Wadsworth Rolling hills, farmlands, forested valleys, and pristine lakes characterize the American Midwest. This is the region I call home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyone who lives here is familiar with the wide...

Landscape with trees and flowers

5 Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

With the summer season approaching, landscaping projects are soon to be underway. Before starting your next project, consider these 5 common pitfalls of landscaping. By planning ahead and making smart choices regarding soil health, plant selection, and maintenance needs, you...

mowing bright green grass

Growing Grass From Seed: Simple Strategies for a Beautiful Lawn

Growing an entire lawn from seed can seem daunting, but Quicklawn grass seeds has made the process simple, easy, and exciting with reliable results. Experience success by following our simple guide to growing a lush grass turf lawn. Need to...

Black Oil Sunflower microgreens on a plate

Black Oil Sunflower Seed Announcement

Black Oil Sunflowers will no longer be sorted by seed size. We have previously offered Black Oil Sunflowers in large and small seed options, but we will be moving forward with a single option for Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. There...

sunflowers near the Great Smokey Mountains in Southeastern USA

10 Native Plants for Attracting Beneficial Insects in Southeastern USA

Written By Lara Wadsworth The Southeastern United States is a beautiful symphony of sights, sounds, and … plants? Yes! This region is home to more than 11,000 different plant species. 3-4 thousand of those plants are completely endemic to the...

blocks of tofu on a cutting board

Making Your Own Organic Soymilk & Tofu

Published April, 02, 2014 Updated March 06, 2024 We have a great line of products and kits to help you make your own soymilk and tofu. When making your own, we recommend adding a little flavoring like agave, vanilla, or...

Rocky Mountain Meadow

10 Native Plants for Pest Management in the Rockies

Written By Lara Wadsworth The Rocky Mountains are home to as many as 5000 plant species. Each plays its part in creating a diverse and symbiotic ecosystem. When we cultivate our gardens, we often choose plants simply for their look...

basket of fresh tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Winter is finally melting away, and it is time to get planting! This is your reminder to start those seeds for the vegetable garden. If you haven’t already, start by identifying your last frost date. Then, count back the number...

10 Direct Sow Cool-Season Vegetables

10 Direct Sow Cool-Season Vegetables

Written By Lara Wadsworth As winter loosens its grip and the days grow longer, avid gardeners eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring. February marks a pivotal time for garden planning and preparation, especially for those keen on direct-sowing cool-season vegetables....

patio container garden

Blooms Beyond Boundaries: Unconventional Containers for Your Garden

Written By Chelsea Hafer Embark on a horticultural adventure as we delve into the realm of extraordinary garden containers that defy convention. Bid farewell to mundane planters and embrace a wave of innovation, turning everyday items into captivating vessels for...

Marigold blooms on white background

Marigolds: A Burst of Sunshine in Your Garden

Written By Lara Wadsworth In the vibrant tapestry of the botanical world, few flowers can match the exuberance and versatility of marigolds. These cheerful blossoms have enchanted gardeners for centuries with their vivid hues and distinctive aroma. In this exploration,...

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