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True Leaf Market Knowledge Center

patio container garden

Blooms Beyond Boundaries: Unconventional Containers for Your Garden

Written By Chelsea Hafer Embark on a horticultural adventure as we delve into the realm of extraordinary garden containers that defy convention. Bid farewell to mundane planters and embrace a wave of innovation, turning everyday items into captivating vessels for...

Marigold blooms on white background

Marigolds: A Burst of Sunshine in Your Garden

Written By Lara Wadsworth In the vibrant tapestry of the botanical world, few flowers can match the exuberance and versatility of marigolds. These cheerful blossoms have enchanted gardeners for centuries with their vivid hues and distinctive aroma. In this exploration,...

Miniature Clover Lawn Header

Miniature Clover - A Water Saving Solution

Are you tired of keeping up with the ever-looming threat of drought and high heat each summer? Consider using miniature clover as your solution. Clover is already a great solution to the thirsty traditional lawn, but the mini variety continues...

mixed pink flower bouquet wrap

Unveiling the Profound Impact of Giving Flowers

Valentine’s Day is well-known across the globe as a day to celebrate love. Love is an emotion so central to the human experience that it has posed as the greatest muse to writers, composers, and artists alike for several millennia....

2024 Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Illustration by Jason Jones

Welcoming the Wood Dragon: A Lunar New Year Celebration

Written By Chelsea Hafer As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of the Lunar New Year, a festivity filled with joy, tradition, and anticipation, we find ourselves on the cusp of an extraordinary year – the Year of the Wood...

Hands holding mountain valley seed packets

10 Seed Starting Tips for a Successful Garden

Written By Chelsea Hafer Embarking on the journey of starting your own seeds is an exciting step toward cultivating a flourishing garden. While the prospect may seem daunting for new gardeners, the joy that comes with watching seeds transform into...

broccoli on a cutting board

Brassica Brilliance - A Diverse Family of Nutrient-Rich Vegetables

Written By Lara Wadsworth Brassicas are a group of plants belonging to the Brassicaceae family, also known as the cruciferous or mustard family. These plants are valued for their edible leaves, stems, flowers, and roots. Common Brassica vegetables include broccoli,...

fruits and vegetables with juice on a grey background

Cultivating Health: How Gardening Improves Your Well-being

Written By Chelsea Hafer Gardening has long been celebrated as a fulfilling hobby, but did you know that it goes beyond being a pastime and can significantly contribute to improving and lengthening your life? In this article, we'll explore the...

woman on laptop with vegetables around her

TrueLeafMarket.com: Price Decreases & Website Improvements

We don’t often provide updates like this one, but we have been working hard on lots of improvements. We wanted to take a quick opportunity to let you know what we’ve been doing, and what is still coming. We’d like...

sprout for health blog header

Sprout For Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge - Feast Together

We are coming to the end of our Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge. We hope you have enjoyed learning about a few of the many ways plants can help improve your health and well-being. While we love enjoying...

Transplanting spring flowers

Spring Gardening Checklist

The days are getting longer and it is time to start your gardens! But wait…I still have snow outside. Is it really time to start gardening? Yes! A full spring garden starts by planning ahead and starting seeds indoors. If...

Someone holding indoor flower starts

How To Start Seeds Indoors

Updated Dec 27, 2022 Whether you are just starting some herbs to keep indoors or getting ready to plant your seasonal garden, there are a few important steps to follow when you are starting your seeds indoors. This article will...

sprout for health challenge header

Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge - Tiny but Mighty

Ready for another week of growing? We sure are! Week 3 of the Sprout For Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge is all about microgreens. They may be tiny, but they sure are mighty! While the exact nutrient power can vary...

Retain water retention crystals

Crack the Code: End Rapid Soil Drying

Written By Lara Wadsworth Being watered is the most consistent input plants need from us. Unless they are outdoors in a rainforest, chances are they need to be watered. But why do they dry out so fast? This never-ending cycle...

Rapeseed cover crop field

Planning Your Spring Cover Crops

Published 11 August 2022 When to Grow A Spring Cover Crop Cover crops are the perfect way to prepare your garden for a plentiful fall harvest if you are skipping the early spring vegetables this year. Instead of letting the...

sprout for health blog header

Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge - Break Out and Sprout

Join the challenge today! This week's focus of our Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge is to Break Out and Sprout. Sprouting is perhaps the most strenuous and difficult part of the development journey. As a sprout emerges from...

Pruning fruit trees

Easy Guide to Pruning

Written By Lara Wadsworth Almost every yard in America has some kind of woody perennial in its landscape. Woody perennials do well with being pruned periodically. But, with so many different shrubs, ornamental trees, and more, it can be daunting...

Japanese Farm Plantation

Rooted in Nature: Visiting Japan's Gardens, Universities, and Farms

A few weeks ago I was able to travel to Japan and explore some of the methods used, plants, and produce growth throughout Japan. My travels took me to manicured gardens, production farms, and one of the most well-known Japanese...

kitazawa update blog header

Turning Over a ‘New Leaf’ At Kitazawa Seed Company

Update January 1, 2024 Thank you for your continued support of Kitazawa Seed. As we have previously updated, KitazawaSeed.com will be redirected to its own landing page on True Leaf Market's website before the end of this year. The Kitazawa Seed brand is over...

sprout for health 2024 indoor growing challenge header

Sprout for Health 2024 Indoor Growing Challenge

We are starting a new year full of opportunities for growth and connection. While many people are setting goals and New Year’s Resolutions to lose this or that, we wanted to challenge you to add more to your 2024. More...

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