Enjoy the simple pleasure of starting your garden from seeds! With an assortment of tray inserts, you can start large and small quantities for your growing needs. From coco coir and perlite for making your own seed-starting soil mix to a pump misting water bottle, we have everything you need to start a garden from seed this year.

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Peppers From Hell Seed Starter KitPeppers From Hell Seed Starter 6-Pack
Peppers From Hell Seed Starter 6-Pack
Sunflower Seed starter kit boxSunflower seed starter kit components
Seed Starter Kit - Sunflower
Seed Starter Kit - Tomato
$14.32 $24.99
[ { "featured_image": "products/tomato-seed-assortment-kit-com-wm.jpg", "secondary_image": "", "price": 1432, "handle": "seed-starter-kit-tomato", "title": "Seed Starter Kit - Tomato", "url": "/products/seed-starter-kit-tomato", "available": false }, { "featured_image": "products/peppers-from-hell-collage-wb-wm-comp.jpg", "secondary_image": "products/peppers-from-hell-wb-wm-comp_c72b699c-9841-4ddc-84dc-f47f2120a8a0.jpg", "price": 1211, "handle": "peppers-from-hell-seed-starter-6-pack", "title": "Peppers From Hell Seed Starter 6-Pack", "url": "/products/peppers-from-hell-seed-starter-6-pack", "available": true }, { "featured_image": "files/Seed-Starter-Kit-Sunflower-collage-wm-comp.jpg", "secondary_image": "files/Seed-Starter-Kit-Sunflower-wm-comp.jpg", "price": 1593, "handle": "seed-starter-kit-sunflower", "title": "Seed Starter Kit - Sunflower", "url": "/products/seed-starter-kit-sunflower", "available": true } ]